US Midterms: Abrams, Kemp Debate in Ga. Gov. Race

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The Facts

  • In a 2018 rematch, Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp and Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams clashed at a debate on Monday after more than 100K people went to the polls on the first day of early voting.

  • Abrams described Kemp's lack of gun control as "dangerous." Referring to the continued prevalence of school shootings in the US, she stated, "these are communities that want to be safe" and "we can protect the Second Amendment and second-graders."

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Campaigning to be the first Black female governor in American history, Abrams is looking to take one step further from her narrow loss in 2018. Despite her near-miss, national Democrats saw and continue to see a promising leader who cannot be counted out with time still to go until Election Day.

Republican narrative

Among prominent Republicans, Governor Kemp is the least dependent on Trump. Refusing to submit to Trump's election claims and promoting clean-energy conservatism, his strong approval numbers against Abrams can be attributed to his focus on widely popular issues. Kemp may well be the way forward for the GOP.

Nerd narrative

There is a 14% chance that Stacey Abrams will be elected governor of Georgia in 2022, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

Political split



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