US Midterms: In Person and Absentia, Warnock-Walker Tensions Mount

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The Facts

  • Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Libertarian challenger Chase Oliver took the stage Sunday night for the second Georgia Senate debate, with Republican Herschel Walker declining to attend and represented by an empty podium.

  • On Friday, Warnock and Walker squared off in a high-profile debate that featured a highly-publicized moment when Walker showed an alleged sheriff's badge. The moment drew ire from Democrats and an admonishment by the moderator, but Walker staunchly defended the move as a show of support for law enforcement.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Herschel Walker has been allowed to get away with a tremendous amount throughout this campaign, which is the only reason voters might think he's an acceptable candidate. His lies about his personal life, dangerous views on policy, and inability to coherently explain his perspectives should send him as far away from the Senate as possible.

Republican narrative

Instead of ridiculing Walker with ad-hominem attacks, Warnock would be better served to answer for families his church allegedly evicted during the pandemic. Democrats only pretend to care about the working class, and Raphael Warnock is no different - he votes with Biden 96% of the time and the hard-working people of Georgia deserve better.

Libertarian narrative

Chase Oliver can disrupt this nationally high-profile race, which is refreshing for US politics. His coherent messaging on small government and free markets is better crafted than Walker's and more in line with many Georgia voters than Warnock's. It's about time that both parties had a wake-up call.

Political split



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