US Midterms: Pa. Voters Scramble to Cast New Ballots After Court Ruling

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    The Facts

    • Voters were scrambling to cast replacement ballots in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, the day of the midterm elections. This comes six days after the state Supreme Court ruled that ballots with missing or inaccurate dates shouldn't be counted.

    • The attempt to fix or replace ballots comes after the Monroe County Court of Common Pleas on Monday ruled against Republicans who had sued to prevent county officials from sorting through ballots to help voters resolve any issues.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    Ballots that lack a proper date are ineligible under state law, the state Supreme Court ruling, and common sense. The only reason Democrats are suing to get them counted is that they’re desperate in the face of Dr. Oz’s momentum toward defeating John Fetterman for the open Pennsylvania Senate seat. What Democrats should do is encourage their voters who can’t put a simple correct date on their ballots to get up and vote in person next time.

    Democratic narrative

    The only way to fight back against this Republican attack on Americans’ rights to vote is by using the same tactic they used — file suit. The date provision is nothing but a barrier to exercising fundamental voting rights, especially in vulnerable communities. It has no bearing on the qualification of the voter or the submitted ballot. This disagreement has yet to be 100% settled.

    Political split



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