US Midterms: Voters Head to the Polls

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    The Facts

    • With all 435 seats in the House, one-third of the Senate, and 36 out of 50 state governors' offices up for grabs, Pres. Biden predicts Democrats will "surprise the living devil out of a lot of people," while Republicans aim to take back majorities in the House and Senate, and gain key new governorships, as voters headed to the polls on Tuesday.

    • According to the University of Florida's "US Elections Project," more than 41M votes have already been cast, either through mail-in ballots or early in-person polls. A Gallup poll also found that 54% of Democrats said they would vote early, compared with 32% of Republicans. Meanwhile, early exit poll data shows that abortion policy and inflation are the top issues driving voters to the polls.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    Election day is a day when every American can use their vote to send a message to those in power. The message Americans will send today is that they still care about the Bill of Rights, freedom, and overall common sense — especially crime and inflation. An inevitable "red wave" will make the woke left despondent when the midterm results pour in.

    Democratic narrative

    The future of American democracy truly is on the line this election, and there's nothing wrong with framing it this way. MAGA Republicans have talked openly about what they'll do if they get back the majority, including stripping away voting, reproductive, and economic rights. Voting for Democrats means voting for Democracy and sustaining hard-fought gains.

    Political split



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