US Midterms: Zeldin's NY Campaign Investigated Over Super PACs

Photo: timesunion

The Facts

  • New York's top election watchdog is reportedly investigating the campaign of Rep. Lee Zeldin, the GOP nominee for governor, regarding potential violations of state law by coordinating with a pair of "super PACs" (political action committees).

  • Michael L. Johnson, the chief enforcement counsel at the NY State Board of Elections, asked the board to grant him expansive subpoena authority to elicit cooperation from the campaign and the groups, Save Our State Inc. and Safe Together New York.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Zeldin and his supporters are pushing their luck by spending money on his campaign in nefarious ways. New York is one of the few states in the union that has banned "coordination" among funders, and Zeldin's conservative supporters seem to have violated this statute. Though Republicans are saying that the Elections Board is biased against Zeldin, there is little basis for this accusation.

Republican narrative

Self-proclaimed "objective" publications like The New York Times and Times Union have decided to openly intervene in a governor's race. They're pulling out every tactic to smear Zeldin, but fortunately, media meddlers don't get to decide who will be governor of New York. Zeldin could pull off a stunning upset as voters are concerned about crime and the economy.

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