US Rolls Out Nearly $3B for EV Battery Production

Photo: Reuters

The Facts

  • On Wednesday, the Biden administration announced it's awarding $2.8B in Dept. of Energy (DOE) grants to 20 manufacturing companies in 12 US states to boost domestic electric vehicle (EV) battery production.

  • Funds will also be used in the White House's (WH) American Battery Material Initiative to develop enough battery-grade lithium, graphite, and nickel, and the first large-scale commercial lithium processing facility.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

Biden promised to enact the greatest climate change legislation in US history, and he's certainly living up to that promise. Not only is the president guiding America toward a renewable future, but he's also creating jobs for Americans that used to be shipped to other countries.

Republican narrative

Don't be fooled; this announcement is a political stunt solely meant to buy Democrat votes before the midterms. While Biden flashes his EV battery grants before your eyes, he wants you to ignore that he's currently releasing millions of barrels of oil in a failed attempt to fight inflation. He doesn't care about the environment or your pocketbook, only power.

Political split



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