US Senate Advances Respect for Marriage Act

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    The Facts

    • The Respect for Marriage Act passed a significant milestone in the US Senate on Wednesday, as lawmakers voted 62-37 to prevent a filibuster and advance the law that would write marriage equality into federal law to an up-or-down vote later this week.

    • All 50 members of the Democratic caucus were joined by 12 Republicans in a vote that had been delayed since July when the House passed the act. A bipartisan agreement had postponed the vote until after this month’s midterm elections.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    The Respect for Marriage Act is a Trojan horse that will pave the way to increased federal action and litigation against religious groups under the guise of protecting same-sex marriage rights. It does nothing to actually advance LGBTQ+ freedoms but does everything to threaten religious ones.

    Democratic narrative

    This bill — a proactive measure to protect same-sex marriage — carefully balances LGBTQ+ rights and religious freedom, as attested by the support it has garnered from members of both groups. Any talk of this act working in opposition to religious rights is just a way for the opposition to rile up its base.

    Political split



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