WHO: Europe is Living an Obesity 'Epidemic'

Photo: Alamy [via The Guardian]

The Facts

  • On Tues., the WHO published a report stating that obesity has reached epidemic proportions in Europe and is behind 200K cancer cases and 1.2M deaths/year.

  • According to the 2022 Regional Obesity Report, ~60% of adults in Europe are overweight or obese, including 1 in 3 children. The health crisis has been exacerbated by COVID lockdowns according to the report.

The Spin

Narrative A

Obesity is an ongoing problem that knows no borders and must be addressed. No single intervention will halt this growing epidemic; it must be tackled with a multifaceted approach.

Narrative B

While obesity is a problem, the bigger issue at hand is fat-shaming. Weight stigma actually contributes to unhealthy eating behaviors, lower physical activity, and weight gain. Stigma is an enemy to health and needs to be taken more seriously.

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