The Facts

  • WHO chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan stated there is no evidence that healthy children and teenagers need COVID-19 boosters.

  • The WHO has been urging wealthy nations to share vaccines with the developing world instead of using them for boosters.

The Spin

Right narrative

Biden's push to vaccinate children despite their low risk from COVID, and now WHO affirmation that boosters aren't needed, raises serious and troubling questions for the Administration.

Left narrative

Advice changes because it's based on the interpretation of messy and evolving data. Two doses may be enough to protect chidren from serious disease, but boosters could help reduce transmission and protect the vulnerable.

Progressive narrative

The COVID crisis won't end if rich countries keep hoarding vaccines, and if a second generation vaccine isn't developed for the entire globe. Until then, we're locked in a cycle of never-ending variants and boosters.

Establishment-critical narrative

Authorities have it all wrong. We know that Omicron won't be stopped by vaccines, but is mild enough to act as nature's own vaccination. Just let it rip!

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