Wildfires Prompt Hundreds to Evacuate in Texas

    Photo: CNN

    The Facts

    • The "Big L" and "Eastland Complex" wildfires in Texas have burned more than 67,000 acres west of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The Big L fire has injured two firefighters, and the Eastland Complex fire has claimed the life of a Sheriff's Deputy.

    • Dry conditions have contributed to the rapid spread of the fires. A storm system may bring much needed relief to the area, but its strong winds could also fuel the blazes.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    These climate change-catalyzed infernos are threatening the lives, homes, and livelihoods of Texans. Extreme conditions caused by rising temperatures and reduced winter rainfall are making many parts of the US into a tinderbox. Once a fire starts, only strong winds are needed to create a major disaster.

    Narrative B

    It's easy to dismiss any extreme weather event as a consequence of climate change, but in reality they're usually influenced by a myriad of factors that have nothing to do with it. More research is needed before we can establish any direct causal link between the two.

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