Yeshiva University Suspends Clubs After SCOTUS Ruling

Photo: Getty Images [via New York Post]

The Facts

  • Yeshiva University in NY has suspended all student clubs following a SCOTUS ruling forcing it to recognize LGBTQ+ student organizations on campus pending further court actions.

  • In an email to students on Friday, the university said it would "hold off on all undergraduate club activities" while it takes steps to follow the roadmap provided by SCOTUS to protect YU's religious freedom.

The Spin

Right narrative

This case affects the future of Yeshiva University and the First Amendment rights of all American religious institutions. Since the government has chosen to tell Yeshiva how a faith-based school can operate, the university has rightly decided to halt all student clubs until the legal process has been sorted out.

Left narrative

Religious freedom shouldn't be used as a smoke screen for discriminative policies. Yeshiva University is overreacting to a ruling that promotes a safe and inclusive student body. Many Yeshiva graduate schools have welcomed LGBTQ+ clubs for decades, proving the university's current argument baseless.

Political split



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