Amsterdam Bans Cruise Ships

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The Facts

  • In an effort to curb an unsustainable number of visitors and limit pollution, Amsterdam's city council voted to ban cruise ships from entering its city center ports. Accordingly, the central cruise terminal on the River IJ near Amsterdam's main train station will close.

  • The council, which the center-left party D66 said voted with "a clear majority," will now have to figure out how to implement the ban, including discussions with the managers of the North Sea Canal, the councils of other cities on the canal, and the Dutch government.

The Spin

Narrative A

If you think banning these giant, floating, carbon-emitting resorts will hurt the Dutch economy, remember that the tourists on board only spend a few hours in the city and don't even visit local venues. They're a waste of precious space, pollute the air, and encourage degenerate behavior that ruins the true culture of Amsterdam. This was the right move for the city and its people.

Narrative B

While locals certainly want to stem the rowdy behavior unleashed by party-goers on a nightly basis, the problem isn't just visiting men, it's large groups of men in general— including Dutch residents. Local venues have and can continue to tackle this issue on their own by simply banning large groups of drunks from entering their establishments. The government doesn't need to step in and criminalize tourism.

Metaculus Prediction

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