Apple Will Switch to USB-C Charging

Image copyright: Unsplash

The Facts

  • Apple is expected to comply with a European Union law that requires the company to shift its iPhone charging port from Lightning to USB-C, despite the company’s objections to the change.

  • When Apple introduces its new iPhone 15 on Sept. 12, it plans to announce that all of its four new phone models, in addition to AirPods Pro, will use USB-C connectors.

The Spin

Narrative A

The USB-C mandate stifles innovation and will harm consumers in the future. Apple is being singled out and it stands to lose greatly as a result of this overreach by the EU. Despite this, if Apple goes to completely wireless charging in the near future, which it probably will do, this aspect of hyper-regulation will be rendered moot.

Narrative B

Consumers won’t be losing anything on the technical side, in fact, they may look forward to data transfer and charging perks because of this regulation. It’s time for the US to get on board with the EU and adopt similar restrictions, which benefit consumers and protect the environment.

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