At Least Eight Dead After Boat Capsizes Near San Diego

    At Least Eight Dead After Boat Capsizes Near San Diego
    Last updated Mar 14, 2023
    Image credit: aljazeera


    • At least eight people have died after a boat capsized at the weekend off Black’s Beach near San Diego, California.[1]
    • San Diego’s Fire-Rescue Lifeguard Division received a call late on Saturday from a woman who said she was on a panga boat that made it to shore carrying 15 people, but that a second boat had capsized.[2]
    • Eight bodies, along with several lifejackets and fuel barrels, were discovered by authorities. Recovery efforts were hampered by and eventually ceased due to heavy fog, but when they were resumed on Sunday no additional bodies were found. Reports suggest that survivors, including the woman who called in the incident, could have evaded authorities via land.[3]
    • Although the victims’ nationalities have not been disclosed, authorities confirmed they were all adults and said they suspected the victims were migrants attempting to enter the US.[4]
    • Authorities also avoided revealing what caused the boat to capsize, however, lifeguard chief James Gartland said the area is known to be hazardous.[4]


    Left narrative

    This tragedy is the result of harsh policies at the southern land border between the US and Mexico. As Pres. Biden’s administration continues making it more difficult for migrants to seek asylum, more people desperate to escape to the US are willing to take their chances on the water in an attempt to elude border authorities. The US should be more open to asylum seekers in order to prevent these awful events.

    Right narrative

    Biden’s policies aren’t too harsh, they’re too lenient and are leading to the invasion of the US by land and sea by migrants. Things are only going to get worse as we approach May and the end of Title 42, because the administration has no plan for how to protect the country from people illegally crossing the border.

    Nerd narrative

    There is an 8% chance that the US will phase out per-country caps on employment-based visas before 2025, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

    Political split



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