At Least Two Killed in Shipwrecks off Italian Coast

At Least Two Killed in Shipwrecks off Italian Coast
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The Facts

  • The sinking of two ships off the Italian island of Lampedusa on Saturday has left at least two people dead and dozens more missing.

  • The Italian coastguard said it recovered two bodies and rescued 57 survivors after the boats — believed to have sailed from Sfax, Tunisia, on Thursday — were wrecked as a result of stormy weather.

The Spin

Left narrative

The human traffickers smuggling migrants would have known in advance about the rough weather and dangerous seas. Whoever puts people on these boats in such hazardous conditions is a criminal without respect for human life. Moreover, Tunisia hasn't done enough to prevent migrants from making dangerous trips to Italy in pursuit of a better life.

Right narrative

Italy is in the midst of a severe migration problem. Hordes of people are coming unchecked into Italy, putting a strain on resources in the country and risking the security of the population. The government must do more to deter people from attempting to make the dangerous sea crossing into Europe to prevent tragedies like these, as well as to protect Italian nationals and those taking legal paths to the country.

Metaculus Prediction

Political split



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