Australia to Remove Chinese War Memorial Cameras Amid Security Concerns

Image copyright: AP [via SCMP]

The Facts

  • Australia announced on Thursday that it would locate and remove at least 900 items identified as surveillance equipment from more than 200 defense government sites in order to make them "completely secure." The news came after it emerged the equipment — manufactured by Chinese companies Hikvision and Dahua — had sparked security concerns.

  • Senator James Paterson of the Liberal Party conducted the audit that identified concerns over the Chinese-made equipment. In a radio interview, Paterson said: "These companies have a very close relationship with the Chinese Communist Party, and they are subject to China's National Intelligence laws, which require all Chinese companies and individuals to secretly cooperate with Chinese intelligence agencies if requested."

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

The Australian authorities are wise to act on their security concerns over Chinese spyware given the nation's recent infractions on US security. The spy balloon fiasco not only illustrated the prevalence of Beijing's attempts to intercept communications and learn more about the functioning of US weapons systems, but it also revealed past failures in US intelligence. This is a prudent decision by Australian officials.

Pro-China narrative

This is the just the latest indicator that Australia has become a proxy in the US's war on China. Having already established a significant military footprint in Australia, Washington is now using the country as a tool in its pursuit of hegemony on the international economic and military stages. The Australian government should see beyond this charade and realize that their position as an 'ally' of the States does not mean they aren't disposable in the US's tirade against China's growing influence.

Establishment split



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