Biden Announces $16B Investment in Rail Projects

Biden Announces $16B Investment in Rail Projects
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The Facts

  • Pres. Joe Biden on Monday in Delaware announced more than $16B in federal investment in rail travel along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor of the US.

  • The funding comes from the president’s 2021 infrastructure law, which promised more than $66B for passenger rail investment.

The Spin

Democratic narrative

The president is continuing to fulfill the promises he made to improve the country and grow the economy. Recent polling that shows him trailing former Pres. Donald Trump focused mostly on the economy, so Biden is going to continue showing the public how much his administration is accomplishing in that realm while Republicans attempt to cut crucial funding for vital projects.

Republican narrative

This funding is another Democratic handout to a company that’s never turned a profit and probably never will. This money will probably land in the hands of Biden’s union lackeys, who still get paid large salaries at Amtrak despite the company always being in the red. Democrats never stop foolishly spending taxpayer money.

Metaculus Prediction

Public figures in this story

Political split



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