Biden Criticizes 'MAGAnomics' as Govt Shutdown Looms

    Image copyright: President Joe Biden [via Wikimedia Commons]

    The Facts

    • Pres. Joe Biden criticized Republicans while contrasting his "Bidenomics" with what he called "MAGAnomics" in a speech Thursday afternoon in Largo, Maryland

    • Biden’s speech came while the government could be on the brink of its fourth shutdown in 10 years if the GOP–led House and Democratic-led Senate don’t pass a funding bill that Biden can sign.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    Biden showed a stunning lack of self-awareness by touting his failing economy. Americans know they’re far worse off now than they were before he took office. Even as the media covers for him, Americans aren’t falling for Biden’s erroneous claims about the strawman he calls "MAGAnomics." His atrocious economic record will be his downfall.

    Democratic narrative

    In the face of constant smears and attacks from Republicans — and now the threat of a reckless GOP-led government shutdown — Biden’s sound economic plan has yielded positive results and should propel him to re-election. He took over an economy in the middle of a pandemic and had to navigate a global supply chain crisis, but things are back on track. Biden’s robust economy is worth boasting about.

    Metaculus Prediction

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