Brexit: Labour Will Seek Re-Write of Deal

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The Facts

  • Leader of the opposition and the Labour Party in the UK, Sir Keir Starmer, has claimed that his party will seek to negotiate a "much better" Brexit deal with the European Union if they win the next general election.

  • Starmer said he was pursuing a major rewrite of the Brexit deal due to a responsibility to his children and future generations. The Labour leader claimed that "almost everyone recognizes" the deal agreed under former prime minister Boris Johnson with the EU was "not a good deal," describing it as "far too thin."

The Spin

Left narrative

The United Kingdom's Conservative Party failed to negotiate good terms when the UK exited the EU, particularly under the ineffective leadership of Boris Johnson. However, the reality is that the UK must work with the situation it has placed itself in and protect key sectors such as security, innovation, and research. It's not too late for the UK to have closer ties with the bloc, and a healthy relationship must be rekindled. Labour and Starmer can give Britain a better deal, and provide a desperately needed solution.

Right narrative

While Starmer and the Labour Party continue to push for closer ties with the EU once again, they ignore the broken reality in which the European bloc currently finds itself. Whole post-Brexit Britain has suffered initially, the damage is incomparable across the Channel. This includes German economic woes and immigration pressures. As the European fantasy project continues to fail, Starmer continues to ignore the truth as Labour insistently pushes for an unwise path.

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