Canada's Trudeau Visits South Korea

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The Facts

  • Canadian PM Justin Trudeau arrived in Seoul for his first official visit to South Korea on Tuesday, with China and economic security set to top the agenda. Trudeau is to meet with South Korean Pres. Yoon Suk-yeol, as Canada's Foreign Affairs and Innovation ministers will also meet with their South Korean counterparts.

  • Trudeau is scheduled to address the National Assembly on Wednesday, and to take part in Korean War commemorations. Discussions will include a youth mobility program between the two nations, encouraging economic investment in Canada, and increasing South Korean imports of Canadian natural gas and minerals.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

China's increasingly antagonistic actions on the world stage are driving away once reliable trading partners. As part of Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy, the middle power is pivoting away from their reliance on China towards other East- and South- Asian nations. Trudeau is making this geopolitical intention a reality, as a warm welcome in South Korea shows that fealty to China is not required to cultivate fruitful and meaningful ties in the region.

Pro-China narrative

Canada and the G-7 are blindly following the lead of America instead of doing what is best for their citizens. Their wanton anti-China crusade is being shoehorned into benign trade negotiations to the detriment of us all. South Korea should remember who their most important trading ally is, and refuse to take part in any needless provocations that put their economic security at risk.

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