China to Re-Open Borders to Tourists for First Time in Three Years

    China to Re-Open Borders to Tourists for First Time in Three Years
    Last updated Mar 14, 2023
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    • China has fully reopened its borders to foreign tourists for the first time since the outbreak of COVID three years ago. Its embassy in the US released a statement saying Beijing would resume issuing all categories of visas.
    • Foreign offices can begin processing applications on Wednesday, and visa-free entry will also resume in Hainan Island and Shanghai for cruise ships. Tour groups from Hong Kong and Macau will also regain their visa-free privilege.
    • China is one of the last major countries to reopen its border to tourists. Last month, it declared a “decisive victory” over COVID. The new measures didn't specify whether vaccination or negative tests would be required.
    • China is looking to emerge from the economic stagnation that stemmed from its “zero-Covid” policy. At a meeting of the national legislature this week, China’s new Premier Li Qiang called for more effort to meet a 5% growth target for the year.
    • However, tourist industry insiders don't expect a massive influx of visitors or a significant boost in the economy in the wake of reopening. In 2019, international tourism receipts accounted for just 0.9% of China’s Gross Domestic Product.
    • Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin says that China will continue to improve arrangements for “safe, healthy, and orderly” movement of domestic and foreign personnel “on the basis of scientific assessments.”


    Pro-China narrative

    In the years following the outbreak of COVID, China has greatly helped the global community in fighting the virus as well as recovering from pandemic-induced economic troubles. The PRC has assisted countries around the world in their fight against the coronavirus, and it has also been the engine of the global economy as it works with other nations. The world’s second-largest economy is stronger than ever.

    Anti-China narrative

    While China seems to be on the road to rapid economic recovery, the country’s economic landscape is a lot more uncertain than it appears at first glance. Beijing is not seeing consumer spending rebound as people are opting to save their disposable income, and China’s booming property sector is seeing severe drops. The PRC has a patchy road ahead in its recovery.

    Establishment split



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