CIA Releases Video Recruiting Russian Spies

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The Facts

  • The CIA has reportedly released a professionally produced video to multiple social media platforms aimed at recruiting Russian citizens – specifically military officials, intelligence agents, diplomats, and scientists – to reveal information about their country’s economy and government.

  • The two-minute video — made in Russia and first published on Telegram on Monday — was also posted to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. It depicts fictional Russian officials covertly contacting the CIA via the agency’s secure portal on the dark web.

The Spin

Pro-Russia narrative

The Russian people are far too smart to be persuaded by these dramatized videos that are part of the continued efforts of the US to spread propaganda in Russia. This campaign will not be effective, and Russia will keep taking the necessary steps to counteract US aggression.

Anti-Russia narrative

This CIA video is a brilliant appeal to truth and a plea for earnest Russians to follow their conscience. Many Russians know the war in Ukraine is wrong, and they face an internal struggle between so-called patriotism and yearning for peace. This video shows that a Russian can work with American intelligence agencies while being patriotic and working for a better future.

Narrative C

Besides the incredible double-standards of the US that schemes like this reveal, they're unlikely to have any success. Such a brazen plot not only risks scaring off some would-be informants who may be weary of a digital operation or suspect a Russian trap, but will also only spur Russia to ramp up its own counterintelligence efforts, making it harder to recruit assets.

Establishment split



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