Danica Roem Elected Virginia's First Trans Senator

Image copyright: Wikimedia Commons

The Facts

  • Democrat Danica Roem narrowly defeated Republican challenger Bill Woolf on Tuesday to secure a seat in the Virginia state Senate, becoming the state’s first transgender state Senator and the second trans person to serve in any state Senate in the US.

  • Roem — whose campaign featured key transgender and LGBTQ+ issues — won slightly over 50% of the vote.

The Spin

Left narrative

Danica Roem made history for a second time on Tuesday night to become Virginia’s first openly transgender state Senator. Roem had to overcome a campaign riddled with transphobia, yet she prevailed in a victory for the LGBTQ+ community and all defenders of equality. She showed that hate will not win in Virginia, and she will continue to fight for all of her constituents regardless of their identity.

Right narrative

As Virginia — like much of the country — heads down a path of woke ideology, it's no surprise that those conforming to the doctrine are allowed to lead the way. Time will tell if Danica Roem has anything to offer other than diversity, but if not, the Democrat may receive backlash from the American public as it's forced to toe the line against their personal beliefs.

Political split



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