Dilbert Comic Dropped After Creator's Comments on Race

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The Facts

  • Many news publications will stop publishing the popular "Dilbert" comic strip after creator Scott Adams made controversial remarks regarding race. In a video posted Wednesday, Adams took issue with a recent poll in which 47% of Black respondents said they either disagree with or weren’t sure about the statement "It’s OK to be white."

  • Discussing the poll and race relations in America, Adams said, "the best advice I can give to white people is to get the hell away from Black people," also labeling Black Americans "a hate group" and saying he doesn’t "want anything to do with it."

The Spin

Left narrative

Newspapers across America are rightfully ending their relationship with Adams and his “Dilbert” comics after his racist outburst. Hate speech has no place permeating respected publications, and Elon Musk, the leader of the profoundly influential platform Twitter, should not have defended Adams or his racism.

Right narrative

For the longest time, people have been deathly afraid to discuss the elephant in the room – the media’s clear anti-white agenda. American media has incessantly parroted the narrative that white people are evil oppressors and all inherently racist. Adams and Musk highlighted this fact and are predictably being wiped from the political discussion table.

Political split



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