Disney Cancels Building of $1B Florida Facility

    Disney Cancels Building of $1B Florida Facility
    Last updated May 19, 2023
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    • Amid its current battle with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Disney has decided to scrap plans to build a $1B office complex within the state.[1]
    • Disney revealed the news via an internal email on Thursday, in which the company cited “changing business conditions,” with “considerable changes” to the environment they found themselves in when the plan was announced.[2]
    • Two thousand people were to be employed at the facility, with many relocating from California to the proposed campus 18 miles east of Walt Disney World. Josh D’Amaro, head of Disney’s parks, wrote that the move was “not an easy decision” yet the “right one.”[3]
    • Disney and DeSantis have remained at odds with one another since the company’s president criticized the governor's Parental Rights in Education Act, dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” by critics.[4]
    • The feud escalated when a DeSantis-appointed board voted to strip Disney of its autonomy over its Florida park, and the company responded with a federal lawsuit against what it describes as a targeted attack by the state’s government for "expressing a political viewpoint.”[5]
    • When questioned over the matter, DeSantis’ office stated that the decision by Disney was “unsurprising” given the company’s “financial straits, falling market cap and declining stock price.”[6]


    Democratic narrative

    The decision is a defensive move by Disney, and it's clear that $1B is now the price for DeSantis’ continued over-the-top war on so-called wokeness. Disney isn't perfect, but in standing up for its ability to speak its mind on state politics, it has dealt a clear economic and psychological blow to DeSantis as well as his 2024 aspirations.

    Republican narrative

    Disney has been badly losing its battle against DeSantis, and it will continue to do so. Not only does the corporation not have any moral ground to stand on, but it also lacks any legal argument to justify its defiance of state law. Disney is shamefully committed to indoctrinating children with inappropriate content. Its behavior should not be rewarded with undeserved corporate welfare.

    Narrative C

    While Disney finds itself in the middle of a culture war with DeSantis, this should be the least of its worries. The company is currently embroiled in turmoil concerning plunging cable and streaming subscriptions and box office revenue, all while laying off waves of employees. While DeSantis has added another battle for the company, there are currently more pressing issues at hand.

    Nerd narrative

    There's a 24% chance that Ron DeSantis will be President of the US by 2029, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

    Political split



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