DOJ Opens Investigation of Memphis PD

DOJ Opens Investigation of Memphis PD
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The Facts

  • On Thursday, the US Justice Department (DOJ) announced it’s opening a civil rights investigation into the Memphis Police Department (MPD) following the death of Tyre Nichols, a Black man who died in the hospital after a January traffic stop.

  • Assistant AG Kristen Clarke of the Civil Rights Division said the DOJ would examine the MPD’s “pattern or practice” of force and stops, searches, and arrests to determine if it discriminates against Black people.

The Spin

Left narrative

It’s taken too long for the DOJ to investigate this matter. There’s already data showing that Black residents are disproportionately targeted at traffic stops and are treated with far more force than their White counterparts in Memphis. Although most of the MPD is Black, there's undoubtedly institutional racism ingrained into policing, and the MPD must be held accountable.

Right narrative

Has America become so woke that even the killing of a Black man by five Black officers is considered racism? This is a manipulation of the facts of Nichols’ death by left-wingers and their media allies who — ironically — want to make everything about race. Judging this case on its facts instead of using it to create division would be more effective.

Political split



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