Two Arrested Over Alleged Secret Chinese Police Outpost in NYC

    Two Arrested Over Alleged Secret Chinese Police Outpost in NYC
    Last updated Apr 18, 2023
    Image credit: Associated Press [via The Guardian]


    • The FBI on Monday announced the arrest of Lu Jianwang and Chen Jinping, two New York City residents who allegedly operated a secret Chinese government police station in Manhattan's Chinatown. They were expected to appear in a Brooklyn court later that day.
    • Both men are US citizens. They've been charged with conspiring to act as agents of the PRC without registering with the Justice Dept. (DOJ) and with obstruction of justice for destroying messages between themselves and China's Ministry of Public Security (MPS).
    • Federal prosecutors argued that the alleged police station was established in coordination with Chinese national police officers, further claiming that members of the Chinese consulate in New York had visited it after the opening.
    • The premises were reportedly set up in early 2022 to identify, track, and harass Chinese dissidents within the US — the defendants have stated that it was established to help Chinese citizens to renew their government documents.
    • Even if the station was only providing bureaucratic assistance — as has been claimed — the law requires those running it to give prior notice to the DOJ before establishing such an organization on US soil. It was shut down last fall after federal agents raided the premises.


    Anti-China narrative

    Dozens of unsanctioned Chinese secret police stations are in operation worldwide to advance Beijing's interests abroad, by coercing its dissidents to spread pro-CCP propaganda and undermining faith in democratic institutions. This is a blatant violation of the sovereignty of several nations and exposes the fact the PRC will spare no efforts in exporting repression and expanding its influence.

    Pro-China narrative

    Though the West claims that China has been operating police stations overseas, these places are neither police stations nor service centers, but spots to provide driving license renewals and physical examination services to Chinese nationals living abroad. The latest allegations have failed to turn up concrete evidence and are nothing more than Western lies being used to peddle hatred toward China.

    Nerd narrative

    There's a 2% chance that there will be a deadly clash between US and Chinese armed forces before 2024, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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