Fighting Around Gaza's Largest Hospital Continues

Fighting Around Gaza's Largest Hospital Continues
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The Facts

  • Since the beginning of Israel's ground operations in Gaza City over two weeks ago, Israeli forces recently managed to hold positions around the al-Shifa Hospital complex near the center of the city. Israel has stated that it seeks to capture the complex, as it claims that it is the administrative center of Hamas's de facto government in the Gaza Strip and a base of operations; Hamas has rejected the claims that it has bunkers underneath the hospital.

  • Gaza's Health Ministry said that at least 32 patients at al-Shifa Hospital have died over the past three days, including three premature babies, due to a lack of fuel to run the hospital's generators. Israel claimed that it had left 300 liters of fuel near the hospital, but Hamas refused it.

The Spin

Pro-Israel narrative

Israel has presented evidence that terrorists from Hamas have placed their headquarters underneath the al-Shifa Hospital, specifically with the aim of using the civilians at the facility as human shields. Israel is doing everything it can to minimize harm to the civilian population. After Hamas's heinous attack on Israel, the country has the right to ensure its security.

Pro-Palestine narrative

Even if Israel's claims that Hamas is using al-Shifa as a base of operations are true, it still has an obligation under international humanitarian law to prevent unnecessary harm to civilians and should not attack the hospital under any circumstances. It seems that Israel is committing abhorrent human rights violations in Gaza, namely collective punishment, and the international community must do more to stop this war on Gaza.

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