Georgia: Officer Shot, Gunman Killed in Clash Between Police, Environmental Groups

    Georgia: Officer Shot, Gunman Killed in Clash Between Police, Environmental Groups
    Last updated Jan 20, 2023
    Image credit: Georgia Bureau of Investigation [via Fox Carolina]


    • On Wednesday, a Georgia state trooper was shot and wounded after a protester fired shots during an operation near a proposed 85-acre Atlanta Police Department training facility. The gunman was shot and killed when police returned fire.[1]
    • Environmental activists have camped out in the forest area where Atlanta’s $90M police training center is slated to be constructed. The wooded area referred to as “Cop City” has seen many confrontations between law enforcement and protesters since it was approved in 2021.[2]
    • Four unnamed people were arrested following the Wednesday morning attacks. A task force of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies arrested five people in a similar sweep last December.[3]
    • Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) director Mike Register said the gunman began firing his weapon “without warning” and other law enforcement officers returned fire killing the shooter. The wounded officer is in the Intensive Care Unit but in stable condition.[4]
    • A movement opposing the training center’s construction, "Defend the Atlanta Forest," claims that police shot an innocent “forest defender” and has a pattern of threatening protesters. Register says there is "growing criminal behavior and terroristic acts" from protest groups.[4]
    • The Twitter account Scenes from the Atlanta Forest claimed to be part of Defend the Atlanta Forest and announced a “Night of Rage” on Friday, Jan. 20, calling for protesters to enact "reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies."[5]


    Left narrative

    "Cop City" is an overwhelming physical manifestation of the racism and general oppression that stains Georgia. Law enforcement at the federal, state, and local levels has been terrorizing Black residents for decades. Police continue to do so with "task forces" that threaten and criminalize protesters — even environmental protesters in this case.

    Right narrative

    Militant left-wing protesters have been occupying the grounds of the planned police training facility and are now acting on their dangerous rhetoric. A police officer was shot and nearly killed at the hands of what should be characterized as domestic terrorists who target law enforcement. This violence must be stopped and officers must feel safe while training and serving their communities.

    Political split



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