Health Experts Warn of AI's Existential Threat

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The Facts

  • According to health professionals from the UK, US, Australia, Costa Rica, and Malaysia writing in the journal BMJ Global Health, more advanced artificial intelligence could harm millions. The experts called for a halt in its development until the technology is regulated.

  • They argue AI carries the risk of amplifying authoritarian tactics like surveillance and disinformation, can accelerate mass murder via the expanded use of Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems, and could lead to millions becoming miserable as AI takes their jobs and livelihoods.

The Spin

Narrative A

Just as drugs can't go on the market without undergoing a review process, AI development beyond what's currently out there should be paused until experts and the public more generally have an understanding of this powerful technology. Scientific experts in multiple fields from across the globe are begging us to take this seriously, and we should heed their warnings.

Narrative B

The world is currently in the midst of an international AI arms race — and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. However, this doesn't mean it will be used for evil and, despite what some in the industry feel, the public should not be fearful. Some countries and companies will pursue bad things with AI while others pursue noble goals; as AI researchers have said for decades, we should hope and push for those with noble pursuits to use the technology to make life easier, healthier, and longer.

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