History-Making Fighter Pilot Nominated for Joint Chiefs Chairman

    History-Making Fighter Pilot Nominated for Joint Chiefs Chairman
    Last updated May 26, 2023
    Image credit: U.S. Air Force Archive, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


    • On Thursday, Air Force General Charles “CQ” Brown Jr., who over the past three years has served as that branch’s chief of staff, was nominated by Pres. Biden as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.[1]
    • If confirmed by the Senate, Brown would replace Army General Mark Milley, whose term expires in October.[2]
    • Brown, who was the Air Force’s first Black commander of the Pacific Air Forces, became the first Black leader of any military branch when he took over as Air Force chief; confirmation would make him the second Black chairman after Army Gen. Colin Powell.[2]
    • Brown was first commissioned in 1984 and has more than 3K flight hours as a career F-16 fight pilot. He’s commanded at every level of the Air Force, including in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.[3]
    • The Senate confirmed him 98-0 as chief of the Air Force, but his current nomination could join more than 200 other senior military nominations that are currently being held up by GOP Sen. Tommy Tuberville over his objection to the Defense Department’s reproductive health policies.[4]


    Democratic narrative

    Brown is an outstanding selection because of his broad background, his bold leadership, and his commitment for diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the military. It’s important for the military to look like America, and Brown’s not afraid to speak out against discrimination while honorably serving the US.

    Republican narrative

    Brown’s credentials are impressive, but let’s hope he doesn’t steer the military toward a woke agenda that could put the US in a precarious position with so much going on in Ukraine, the Pacific, and elsewhere. Under Brown, who made race an issue by recording a video in 2020 about his experiences, the Air Force conducted investigations into racial and gender discrimination. This utilized time and resources that should have been put toward national security.

    Political split



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