Hong Kong: Flooding Rainfall From Typhoon Koinu's Remnants

Hong Kong: Flooding Rainfall From Typhoon Koinu's Remnants
Image copyright: Sawayasu Tsuji/Getty Images

The Facts

  • On Monday, Hong Kong saw heavy rainfall and high winds from the weakening Typhoon Koinu causing inundation of many areas — just one month after the city's last devastating flood event.

  • Some parts of the city saw more than 150mm (5.9 in) of rainfall, forcing the shuttering of schools and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The storm also caused significant delays in transportation and stranded hundreds of travelers overnight at the Hong Kong airport.

The Spin

Narrative A

While shattering records, extreme weather events consistently burden Hong Kong's residents with conditions they aren't equipped to handle. Long-term, not only will deaths increase but so will damage to infrastructure and the economy if Hong Kong's government doesn't begin to rapidly increase investments to mitigate these climate-catalyzed risks.

Narrative B

While Hong Kong is indeed facing weather-related, it's not too late to take action. Innovative city planning, carbon emissions reduction, and a combination of "blue" and "green" infrastructure within the grasp of Hong Kong's capable and technically proficient bureaucracy.

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