Hunter Biden 'Whistleblower' Charged With Acting as Chinese Agent

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The Facts

  • The US Justice Dept. (DOJ) on Monday unsealed the indictment against a missing witness into the investigation of first son Hunter Biden's business dealings, just days after Gal Luft challenged officials to do so by alleging that the charges he's facing are politically motivated.

  • The eight-count accusation against the American-Israeli citizen who co-directs the Maryland-based Institute for the Analysis of Global Security includes failing to register as a foreign agent, evading oil sanctions, two counts of making false statements to investigators, and three counts of illicit arms trafficking.

The Spin

Republican narrative

Despite the torrent of evidence provided by Luft to the FBI in 2019 and the recent breaking apart of the collusion between the feds and Big Tech, the liberal media has continued to remain silent over the matter. The hypocritical left continues to attempt to portray themselves as holier than thou while they continue to bury the reality of the Biden family business deals.

Democratic narrative

It's little surprise that the man touted by Republicans to hold the key to "exposing" the Biden family is, in reality, not what he claimed to be. Accusations by Luft and Republicans have failed to be backed by any real evidence of corruption, and the focus should rather be directed upon bringing the so-called whistleblower to justice.

Narrative C

The crimes Luft is accused of are serious, and if found guilty, he should be punished in accordance with US law. However, his allegations of being the target of a politically-motivated DOJ following his claims of information concerning the Biden family are also due for inspection. Both sides of this story hold equal weight, and both deserve a proper investigation to determine fact from fiction.

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