Hunter Biden's Lawyers Say Prosecutors Reneged on Deal

Hunter Biden's Lawyers Say Prosecutors Reneged on Deal
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The Facts

  • Attorneys for Hunter Biden have submitted a court filing accusing federal prosecutors of reneging on a plea deal that would have ended tax and gun charges against Pres. Joe Biden’s son.

  • Although Biden’s attorneys accept that the plea deal is “moot” related to the tax charges, they hold that a diversion agreement on the separate gun charge is still in effect since the contract was signed and usually doesn't require a judge's approval.

The Spin

Republican narrative

Any judge could see that the original plea agreement was a sweetheart deal and the son of the sitting president was getting special treatment. Noreika was right to object, and prosecutors are correct in their intentions to take Biden to trial. Of course, it’s unprecedented for someone as connected to the case as Weiss to be named special counsel, so it’s still not clear whether Biden will still receive favoritism.

Democratic narrative

The prosecutors in this case are in disarray and they should abide by the agreement they made. After all, they dictated all the terms and Biden went along with them. There won’t be any new charges coming down the pipe, so something resembling the original plea deal would be the best resolution to this case.

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