InfoWars Host Sentenced to 60 Days in Jan 6. Case

    InfoWars Host Sentenced to 60 Days in Jan 6. Case
    Last updated Sep 12, 2023
    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


    • Owen Shroyer, the host of "The War Room with Owen Shroyer" on InfoWars, was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days in jail for his involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riots. In his sentencing statement, US District Court Judge Timothy J. Kelly said, "Mr. Shroyer was not merely at the building but he also did play a role in amping up the crowd on the steps that day."
    • Though he never entered the Capitol building nor committed violence, prosecutors charged him with violating a previous agreement from his 2019 arrest for disrupting a congressional hearing. He had been barred by that case from uttering "loud, threatening, or abusive language" or engaging in "disorderly or disruptive conduct" on Capitol grounds.
    • Prosecutors said that in the weeks leading up to Jan. 6, he "stoked the flames of a potential disruption" by streaming disinformation about alleged voter fraud and a stolen election." Using a megaphone outside the Capitol, Shroyer was heard shouting "death to tyranny! Death to tyrants," "1776," and "USA."
    • Shroyer stated during the proceedings that his intention was not to cause trouble. He said his chants were intended to actually draw crowds away from the area.
    • His defense attorney, Norm Pattis, meanwhile, argued that "Mr. Shroyer, and every person capable of speaking in the United States, has a right to utter the speech Mr. Shroyer used."
    • Pattis further stated that the only reason for his sentencing is that Shroyer, who is documented on video alongside Alex Jones, was due to the existing court order. For him to be the only journalist from InfoWars receiving jail time, he said, was "chilling" and an attempt to "criminalize dissent."


    Left narrative

    First and foremost, no one can deny the fact that Shroyer clearly violated the terms of his legal promise not to engage in disruptive behavior near the Capitol. In addition, being a journalist doesn't clear you of wrongdoing when you use a megaphone to mobilize angry rioters who then attack a government seat of power. This has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with law and common sense justice.

    Right narrative

    This prison sentence is politically motivated, and no plea agreement or legal jargon can change that fact. The entire sentencing document is filled with Judge Kelly's perspectives about Shroyer's speech — speech that is undoubtedly protected by the First Amendment. The government didn't care about Shroyer's bullhorn or rowdy people walking into the Capitol, they cared about stopping InfoWars coverage of the 2020 election. This is an authoritarian and dangerous ruling.

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