Israel Army: Bomber Suspected of Coming From Lebanon Killed

Image copyright: The Times of Israel

The Facts

  • The Israeli army announced that an armed man suspected of entering the country via Lebanon blew up a car before being killed by Israeli forces not long after, raising the risk of renewed tensions with Hezbollah, an Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite armed group and political party.

  • The alleged attacker placed a roadside bomb that seriously injured a driver near Megiddo Junction in northern Israel on Monday. The military said that he was stopped at a checkpoint soon after before being shot and killed, and was allegedly wearing an explosive vest and was armed.

The Spin

Pro-Israel narrative

Israel is facing an Iranian-backed axis of terror. Though the explosive used raises many questions, and Hezbollah might not have directly launched the attack, that doesn't mean Iran wasn't involved. Hamas and PIJ are both backed by Iran, and both groups have increased their activity in the northern West Bank, close to northern Israel. However, this could still be a terrorist attack unrelated to Iran, as a thorough investigation needs to be carried out.

Pro-Palestine narrative

It's unclear if Hezbollah was involved or not, but either way, attacks like this are a symptom of Israel's occupation of Palestine, as well as areas in Lebanon and Syria. Violence is a terrible thing, but the violence of occupation is an everyday occurrence that is far greater than any attack like this.

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