Missouri Dismisses Ban on Minors Carrying Guns

    Photo: AP [via The Hill]

    The Facts

    • Legislators in Missouri's Republican-majority House on Wednesday voted 104-39 to reject a proposal that would’ve banned minors from carrying guns in public without adult supervision. Only one Republican voted in favor of the proposal.

    • The provision, originally included in House Bill 301 by a bipartisan working group, was removed by the Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee before a floor vote. It was then defeated after being reintroduced as an amendment by Democratic Rep. Donna Baringer.

    The Spin

    Republican narrative

    Unlike California's renewed anti-Second Amendment agenda, Missouri understands that gun control doesn't lead to safer communities. While those opposed to unfettered concealed carry laws will claim it allows criminals to run rampant, what it actually does is give citizens a more affordable chance to defend themselves. All Missourians should be free from police harassment so long as they carry their weapons properly and in accordance with the law.

    Democratic narrative

    Despite the proposal being unanimously recommended by the bipartisan working group, Republicans, in their fanatical attempt to protect the Second Amendment, decided to block it. But the Second Amendment isn't meant to allow children to carry weapons or hinder police from preventing crimes committed by armed minors.

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