Pew Research: Negative Opinions of China Rise Worldwide

    Pew Research: Negative Opinions of China Rise Worldwide
    Last updated Jul 28, 2023
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    • A new report from Pew Research shows that a median of 67% of adults in 24 countries have an unfavorable view of China, with negative ratings reaching record heights in high-income countries. With the exception of India, middle-income countries only saw modest increases in negative ratings.
    • The survey asked 300K adults in a group of countries that include the US, Mexico, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Israel, Nigeria, Japan, and India, about their views on China's economic, technological, and international influence.
    • 83% of Americans surveyed had a negative opinion of China, just under the 87% disapproval rating the country received in Australia and Japan. 50% of Americans also view China as the biggest threat to the US, up from the 2019 report where China was tied with Russia for first place.
    • A median of 71% of respondents worldwide said they thought China "does not contribute to global peace and stability," 57% described China as interventionist, and 74% had little to no confidence in Pres. Xi Jinping's ability to "do the right thing regarding world affairs." When asked to name the world's top economy, China came in second place behind the US.
    • However, Kenya, Mexico, and Nigeria had a majority favorable opinion of China, while South Korea, Hungary, and Italy saw an increase in their favorable opinion of China from last year.
    • China's "soft power," especially in middle-income countries in Asia and Africa — which have been recipients of Chinese investment — remained strong, with a median of 69% of respondents calling China the best or above average on the technology front.


    Anti-China narrative

    The world has grown weary of China's aggressive "wolf warrior" posturing on the world stage, as a majority of adults in important countries turn their backs on China. Their cries of neutrality and benevolence in the face of a supposedly imperial US have fallen on deaf ears as the world wakes up to the reality that China's bellicose moves economically, culturally, and militarily are the greatest threats to world peace. China's actions are isolating the country on the world stage.

    Pro-China narrative

    It matters little what those in the Old World think of China, as the favorable ratings China receives in the future economic powerhouses of the Global South are truly what matter. Countries like Kenya, Indonesia, and Nigeria benefit greatly from Chinese investment through the Belt and Road Initiative and recognize what China brings to the table. While American saber-rattling stirs up Sinophobia in the West, the rest of the world can clearly see that China can do what the West can't: be a forward-thinking, honest, and reliable world partner.

    Nerd narrative

    There's a 69% chance that China's GDP will exceed the US' GDP in any year before 2041, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

    Establishment split



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