Philippines, US Launch Joint Patrols

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The Facts

  • The Philippines and the US launched joint military patrols near Taiwan on Tuesday as part of a three-day exercise that analysts say is likely to increase tensions with China.

  • Describing the maritime and air patrols as a "significant initiative," Philippine Pres. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. stated the exercise would "bolster the interoperability of our military forces." Marcos had described relations with Beijing in the South China Sea as more "dire than it was before" a day prior.

The Spin

Anti-China narrative

As China continues its aggressive claims upon territories ruled by international law to not reside within their sovereign rights, the US has continued to take responsibility for securing peace in the region while standing by its ally as agreed upon in the 1951 US-Philippines Defense Treaty. The more China pushes, the more likely there are to be dangerous consequences.

Pro-China narrative

The Philippines and the US continue to collude as Manila continues to serve as Washington's proxy in its efforts against China. The Philippines has seemingly made a bet against Beijing, thinking it has a strategic advantage, but that decision will prove to be unwise, as Manila shows it cannot be trusted by its East Asian neighbors.

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