Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Allegedly Concerned Over Vaccine Effect on Reproductive Health

Image copyright: Newsday RM/Getty Images [via The Daily Wire]

The Facts

  • In a new video released by Project Veritas — a US undercover journalism outlet — on Thursday, an alleged Pfizer director appears to share concerns about the COVID vaccine's potentially negative effects on women’s reproductive health.

  • Project Veritas says the video features Jordon Trishton Walker, who they say is confirmed as Pfizer’s director of research and development in strategic operations.

The Spin

Right narrative

Project Veritas is conducting the journalism that the mainstream media refuses to do and is exposing Big Pharma’s apparent corrupt operations. Despite the media blackout on this story, Project Veritas’ findings shouldn't be dismissed, and regulatory scrutiny is required immediately.

Left narrative

This isn't journalism; it's merely unverified claims from a highly controversial — and unreliable — organization. First of all, a thorough search shows no person named Jordon Trishton Walker working for Pfizer, and second, the admission of the person in the video doesn't prove that Pfizer is mutating COVID or that the vaccines harm women.

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