Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Allegedly Concerned Over Vaccine Effect on Reproductive Health

    Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Allegedly Concerned Over Vaccine Effect on Reproductive Health
    Last updated Feb 03, 2023
    Image credit: Newsday RM/Getty Images [via The Daily Wire]


    • In a new video released by Project Veritas — a US undercover journalism outlet — on Thursday, an alleged Pfizer director appears to share concerns about the COVID vaccine's potentially negative effects on women’s reproductive health.[1]
    • Project Veritas says the video features Jordon Trishton Walker, who they say is confirmed as Pfizer’s director of research and development in strategic operations.[2]
    • The interviewee explains, “There is something irregular about the menstrual cycles. So, people will have to investigate that down the line.” He adds that Pfizer isn't sure why the vaccine is impacting women’s menstrual cycles, surmising that the effects could be evidence of hormonal disruptions.[2]
    • Last week the undercover journalism outlet released a video that apparently features the same interviewee admitting that Pfizer is exploring “mutating” the COVID virus so that the pharmaceutical giant can create preemptive vaccines.[3]
    • Pfizer released a statement to the initial Project Veritas video insisting it didn't engage in controversial “gain-of-function or directed evolution research” as alluded to in footage.[4]
    • In a follow-up video after the release of the first footage, the same man claims to have lied to impress someone with whom he thought he was on a date and claims he previously worked as a contractor for the pharmaceutical company but isn't currently employed there.[2]


    Right narrative

    Project Veritas is conducting the journalism that the mainstream media refuses to do and is exposing Big Pharma’s apparent corrupt operations. Despite the media blackout on this story, Project Veritas’ findings shouldn't be dismissed, and regulatory scrutiny is required immediately.

    Left narrative

    This isn't journalism; it's merely unverified claims from a highly controversial — and unreliable — organization. First of all, a thorough search shows no person named Jordon Trishton Walker working for Pfizer, and second, the admission of the person in the video doesn't prove that Pfizer is mutating COVID or that the vaccines harm women.

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