Renewed Fighting in Yemen Tests Ten Months of Calm

    Renewed Fighting in Yemen Tests Ten Months of Calm
    Last updated Mar 23, 2023
    Image credit: Al Jazeera


    • After ten months of relative calm, fighting broke out this week in Yemen’s energy-rich Marib province. The recent stretch of peace has been the longest seen by Yemen during its eight-year civil war.
    • Military and government sources have revealed that clashes erupted late on Tuesday when the Houthi rebels, who control most of northern Yemen, launched an attack on the Harib district, in the Marib province.
    • At least ten soldiers were killed in the renewed fighting, as the Iran-backed Houthi militia attacked a mountainous area and have been engaged in a build-up of forces in the region.
    • Fighting has erupted in the same district where at least four soldiers were killed last month, and it threatens to undermine new optimism after Saudi Arabia and Iran agreed to restore diplomatic ties.
    • The UN has also been working to extend the ceasefire in Yemen, which has largely held since April 2022 despite the UN’s official agreement having expired in October.
    • Last week, Hans Grundberg, the UN’s special envoy for Yemen, said the overall military situation in the country continues to be “relatively stable,” and that elements of the truce are still being implemented. However, he expressed concern about emerging clashes.


    Establishment-critical narrative

    Unfortunately, after eight years of fighting and bloodshed, there is still no end in sight to Yemen’s catastrophic war. While a few months of relative calm ignited hope for an end to the conflict, serious negotiations failed and the warring factions were unable to reach a sustainable agreement. The damage is done, and there is little impetus among the international community to end this war.

    Pro-establishment narrative

    The international community is working diligently to bring about a diplomatic solution to end the eight-year Yemen War, and there are positive signs that could signal peace in the future. With the UN’s help, meaningful conversations are taking place between key players in the conflict, and we could soon see a real improvement in the situation in Yemen.

    Establishment split



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