Report: 42% of UK Asylum Seekers Facing Deportation To Rwanda Married

    Report: 42% of UK Asylum Seekers Facing Deportation To Rwanda Married
    Last updated Jan 25, 2023
    Image credit: PA Images/Alamy [via The Guardian]


    • A new survey released Wednesday by the campaign coalition Together With Refugees found that at 42%, nearly half of asylum seekers facing deportation from the UK to Rwanda are married or engaged, and 20% have children.[1]
    • According to the charity Care4Calais, which conducted the analysis in a sample of 213 people, the findings contradict government claims that the policy of sending asylum seekers to the African country "targets single men."[2]
    • It also found that 13 of the people surveyed who received a Home Office Notice of Intent between August 2022 and January 2023 were women, and more than 60% reported evidence of modern slavery or torture in their country of origin or during their journey to the UK.[1]
    • According to the survey, most of the asylum seekers at risk of deportation to Rwanda had fled from countries where more than 80% of people were recognized as refugees by the UK, with nearly 72% arriving from countries such as Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iran, Sudan, and Syria.[3]
    • Meanwhile, the High Court in London recently granted permission to legally challenge the Rwanda asylum plan after ruling in December 2022 that the government's plan was lawful. Last year, more than 45K people crossed the English Channel into the UK, while several died trying.[4]
    • Under the controversial UK-Rwanda Asylum Scheme announced in April 2022, some asylum seekers crossing the English Channel to the UK are sent to Rwanda to claim asylum. The plan is intended to discourage other migrants from crossing the English Channel and deter human smuggling.[5]


    Left narrative

    While the UK likes to present its humanitarian face when talking about Ukrainian refugees, brown or black migrants are treated as third-class humans. The Rwanda deal is the most prominent example of the increasing anti-human and perfidious policy of externalized migration control. Until the UK meets its responsibilities, it must forfeit any right to portray itself as a champion of human rights.

    Right narrative

    One thing must not be forgotten when discussing the asylum pact: The majority of Britons welcome the deportation of illegal asylum seekers to Rwanda. At the same time, Britain is far more tolerant and welcoming of ethnic minorities than most of Europe. The problem is the misconceived ideology of "multiculturalism," which leads to uncontrolled immigration and puts Britain's social cohesion and political stability at risk.

    Political split



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