Rising Caffeine Levels in Energy Drinks Prompts Calls for Sales Ban to Minors

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    The Facts

    • Pediatricians and parents across the US are calling for new high-caffeine energy drinks to be treated like alcohol and cigarettes, and for their sale to minors to be banned.

    • This comes as the FDA is reviewing a request by US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to investigate the caffeine content in Prime Energy, as well as the product's marketing to children.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    The sale of high-caffeine energy drinks to children under 18 should be banned as there's significant evidence linking them to various health issues, including obesity. Parents should also be discouraged from allowing their kids to consume these drinks at all, as they only damage young people's health.

    Narrative B

    Children consume far more caffeine from tea, coffee, and soda than from energy drinks, and there's no evidence that caffeine in energy drinks is unhealthier than caffeine in other beverages. A ban on one form of soft drink would be unscientific, discriminatory, and disproportionate.

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