Rotterdam: University Student Kills 3 in Twin Shootings

    Rotterdam: University Student Kills 3 in Twin Shootings
    Last updated Sep 29, 2023
    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


    • An Erasmus University student killed a 14-year-old girl and her mother in their home before opening fire at Erasmus Medical Center and killing a lecturer in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Thursday.
    • The 32-year-old suspect, reportedly wearing combat gear and a bullet-proof vest, was taken into custody near the Medical Center. His motive for the twin shooting remains unclear.
    • According to the Dutch police, the gunman, whose identity hasn't been revealed, was known to law enforcement and "was prosecuted and convicted for animal abuse" in 2021.
    • It's being probed if the suspect, who was reportedly carrying only one firearm, was a student of the 46-year-old male teacher he shot dead.
    • The authorities are treating the killings as "targeted acts."
    • While Erasmus Medical Centre began readmitting patients Friday, Erasmus University has canceled all planned lessons and is offering to counsel its students.


    Narrative A

    Thursday's egregiously violent act is the Netherlands' first mass shooting in a decade, making it an anomaly in a country with some of the world's strictest gun laws. The twin shooting in Rotterdam is undoubtedly a tragedy, but any correlation to "mass shooting trends" should be taken cautiously.

    Narrative B

    The shocking surge in gun violence in the Netherlands is a reminder that persistent sadness or hopelessness often pushes people toward mass violence. Dutch society must pay attention to its youth's underlying mental health issues to ensure the country does not undergo such trauma again.

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