Rupert Murdoch Steps Down as Chairman of Fox Corp., News Corp.

    Photo: Wikimedia Commons

    The Facts

    • Australian media mogul Rupert Murdoch announced Thursday morning that he is stepping down as chairman of Fox Corp. and News Corp. and will transition into the chairman emeritus position of the two corporations.

    • Murdoch's son, Lachlan, will become News Corp.'s new chair and continue serving as executive chair and CEO of Fox Corp. The younger Murdoch released a statement congratulating his father on "his remarkable 70-year career."

    The Spin

    Right narrative

    Rupert Murdoch is the definition of a living legend in the media industry. The architect of the world's most successful cable news outlet, Murdoch pushed news and media in a revolutionary direction while always doing it his way. While some may disagree with Rupert's politics, there's no doubting his success and legacy as a pioneer of his time.

    Left narrative

    Rupert Murdoch will be remembered as one of the most dangerous media moguls of his time and the creator of a right-wing media giant that gave us the creeping authoritarianism of Donald Trump. Murdoch provided a massive platform for conspiracy theories and misinformation that plague our world today. History will memorialize the harm he caused to democracy.

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