Serbian President Dissolves Parliament, Calls Snap Vote

Image copyright: State Duma of the Russian Federation [via Wikimedia Commons]

The Facts

  • Serbian Pres. Aleksandar Vučić dissolved parliament on Wednesday, calling a snap election for Dec. 17 — the day several municipalities, including the capital Belgrade, are set to hold local elections.

  • Serbians are now set to elect representatives to the 250-member assembly for the third time in nearly four years, though the presidency of Vučić — who secured re-election in April 2022 — will not be contested in the vote.

The Spin

Narrative A

Accepting opposition demands for a snap election, Vučić has made the right choice to ease societal tensions, reaffirm European values, and move Serbia forward by providing a clear mandate until 2027 for whoever wins the popular vote.

Narrative B

It's difficult to believe in the fairness of this vote, given that Vučić controls the media and uses it to spread propaganda and influence voters' choices. Unlike 2012, when parties were almost equally represented, Serbia's opposition is now marginalized.

Metaculus Prediction

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