Sunak: UK to Invest in Climate-Resilient Crops

    Photo: Flickr/UK Foreign, Commonwealth, & Development Office [via Wikimedia Commons]

    The Facts

    • British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, speaking at the Global Food Security Summit in London on Monday, announced that the UK will set up a new science initiative to produce climate-resilient crops.

    • Insisting that "action" must be taken to "address the underlying, and often unseen, causes of global food insecurity," Sunak said that CGIAR — a global research partnership — will lead the new virtual science hub.

    The Spin

    Narrative A

    The UK has consistently shown itself as a leading advocate for resolving global food insecurity and is attempting again to rally the international community through London's summit. While current affairs are swamped with controversy and division of opinion, we must continue to come together in the face of global hunger, uncontrolled migration, war, and climate change to drive international development.

    Narrative B

    2023 is the fourth straight year of reduced UK development aid, spearheaded by Sunak's decision as chancellor to reduce the government's key 0.7% national income budget. Sunak and the Conservatives continue to move funds previously intended for international aid towards unethical domestic immigration policies. Using empty promises and rhetoric, the UK continues to take a step back from its humanitarian duties across the world.

    Nerd narrative

    There's a 50% chance that at least 1.30% of people will be concerned about climate change in 2025, as reported by Google Trends, according to the Metaculus prediction community.

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