Thousands Across Europe Call For Peace In Ukraine

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The Facts

  • Thousands of protesters called for peace in Ukraine in several European capitals over the weekend, following large-scale rallies across Europe against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which marked its anniversary on Feb. 24.

  • On Sunday, thousands reportedly rallied in the French capital of Paris and other locations across the country for the second consecutive weekend in protests organized by the right-wing party Les Patriotes against Paris' arms shipments to Ukraine and the country's NATO and EU membership.

The Spin

Establishment-critical narrative

The Europe-wide protests against arms deliveries to Ukraine reflect a growing rift between the European governments obedient to the US and their increasingly concerned populations. This trend could also have a negative impact on the supposed "unity" of NATO countries in Washington's proxy war against Russia. European populations are becoming aware of the fact that Russia cannot be defeated militarily and that only a diplomatic solution can save them from an incalculable possible escalation.

Pro-establishment narrative

It would be absurd to assume that European governments do not want peace in Ukraine, but it must not be peace dictated by the imperialist strongman in Moscow. The naive protesters do not understand that only Europe's ironclad commitment to Ukraine and continuous military support will create the basis for meaningful negotiations, and prevent Putin from invading even more countries. It is understandable that many people are worried, but the free world must not allow the Kremlin dictator to create new realities by military means.

Metaculus Prediction

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