Three Palestinian Militants Killed in Israeli Raid Near Nablus

Image copyright: Wikimedia Commons

The Facts

  • During a large-scale raid on the Balata refugee camp outside the northern West Bank city of Nablus early on Monday, Israeli forces killed three Palestinian militants affiliated with the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which is the armed wing of Palestinian Pres. Mahmoud Abbas's ruling Fatah party.

  • While the Palestinian Health Ministry reported that six people were also injured in the raid, the Israeli military reported that its forces came under fire after entering the camp. Three Palestinians were also arrested.

The Spin

Pro-Palestine narrative

Israel is escalating the situation in the holy land to a fever pitch as it continues its cruel raids in the West Bank and its provocative gestures at Al-Aqsa. With extremists like Ben-Gvir holding key positions of power, Palestinians face unprecedented violence. Emboldened by international silence after killing more Palestinians last year than in any other calendar year since the Second Intifada, the occupation is becoming ever more violent.

Pro-Israel narrative

Israel does everything it can to mitigate harm when it launches preventative raids in the West Bank to stop terrorist plots. Even though the Temple Mount is the holiest place in Judaism, Israel maintains the status quo, as it has no interest in provoking the situation in the West Bank or Gaza. While the media focuses on Al Aqsa, terrorists continue to plan attacks on Israeli civilians.

Establishment split



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