Trump’s White House Failed to Report Over 100 Gifts, Say House Democrats

    Photo: aljazeera

    The Facts

    • Democrats on the US House Oversight Committee say former Pres. Donald Trump and his family failed to report more than 100 gifts they received during his time in office.

    • A 15-page report detailing the alleged unreported gifts was released on Friday. A total of 117 foreign gifts valued at $291k was listed as undisclosed, including items like a "larger-than-life-sized" painting from the president of El Salvador and golf clubs from the prime minister of Japan — items the report claims are currently missing.

    The Spin

    Democratic narrative

    Is anyone truly surprised that more of Trump's transgressions during his time in office are coming to light? He has a long, sullied history of lying and stealing from the US public. Just look at his actions around Jan. 6, the election interference in Georgia, and his mishandling of classified information. He is constantly trying to skirt the law for his own benefit, and the benefit of his family, at the cost of the American people. It's time he faced legal repercussions for his illegal activity.

    Pro-Trump narrative

    This is yet again one more example of Democrats trying to take down Trump for political reasons. Trump and his family reported gifts they received to the best of their ability, and even relinquished many of them to the State Department, legally buying the ones they wanted to keep. Even if these accusations are found to hold merit, mistakes happen — it's a long stretch to imply criminal intent.

    Political split



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